• We will collaborate and work in conjunction with our stakeholders. We always aim to highlight the importance of mutual communication and the strength of our partnerships with local communities, institutions, non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations together with others.
  • We will ensure our partners, clients, and employees value the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities that could enhance local community harmonisation, as well as effect social improvements. Integrity International Group supports such employee volunteer activities.
  • We aim to integrate our Corporate Social Responsibility policies and considerations into all our business decisions where possible.

Integrity International Trust, a registered UK charity, was founded with the purpose of building positive futures for the most vulnerable people. In protecting those at risk, IIT undertakes activities that work towards improved opportunities for thousands of people worldwide, providing rehabilitation and disaster recovery (in particular following natural disasters), education in the broadest sense and in confronting the global issues of human trafficking - a growing global crime.

IIT collaborates with local expertise and aims to intervene, prevent and limit the underlying causes of human trafficking through:

  • Building and supporting community centres
  • Education and skills training
  • Rehabilitating survivors
  • Interrupting networks
  • Bringing perpetrators to justice

To learn more about the work Integrity International Trust does please visit:

Business Relationships

At the core of our business is the strength of the ongoing relationships and partnerships Integrity International Group continues to develop with its associates, guests, partners and stakeholders. We believe in the power of partnerships, generating collective value from collaborative action.

We pride ourselves on the exemplary values and high standards we set out to conduct with our business relationships. We demonstrate integrity and always earn and show respect in all of our relationships.

Diversity And Equal Opportunities

We are proud of and value the diversity of our colleagues, stakeholders and partners and are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and fairness within our business practices.

We embrace individuals who bring their own areas of experience, talent and individuality to play an integral part in maintaining, developing and enhancing our business.

We expect our suppliers and partners in turn to comply with and support our efforts in advocating diversity and equal opportunities.

Environmental Impact

A central theme to our business is advocating positive contributions to local life whilst finding pioneering ways to minimise our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. For this reason, we are dedicated to operating all areas of our business in a sustainable and responsible manner and are constantly looking out for new and innovative ways to meet our high standard of positive environmental impact.

We ensure we work with local authorities, residents & community groups and take great care to respect the local environment, communities and associations in which our properties and business operates. We also seek to work with partners, who in turn will conduct responsible business practices and maintain our high environmental standards.

This includes the Thorney Island Society – one of the key conservation groups within St James’s, a voluntary amenity and civic society, concerned with the heritage and welfare of the physical environment of a widening area, sometimes referred to as the 'Westminster Village'.

For further information about The Thorney Island Society,, please visit: http://thethorneyislandsociety.org.uk/ttis/

Community Engagament

IIG are committed to giving back to the communities around us by sharing out skills, time and talent. Working with these communities is part of our culture and is an integral part of our business. We aim to lead industry and community initiatives that share our commitment to making sustainable progress possible in our local community. Below are some of the organisations we are proud to work closely with.

Lord’s Taverners

We work closely with The Lord’s Taverners “giving young people a sporting chance”. Through multiple programs and thousands of projects across the world, The Lord’s Taverners has had tens of thousands of young beneficiaries, a number that continues to rise year on year.

For further information about Lord's Taverners, please visit: https://www.lordstaverners.org/

The St Andrews Youth Club

St Andrews youth club is the oldest youth club in the world whose existence is entirely funded by local individual’s and charitable and corporate donations. We are very proud to be a strong partner and supporter of this organisation which has been making a valuable contribution to the local community for over 150 years. The club is a ‘neutral’ environment, where dedicated youth workers, selflessly provide activities and events in Westminster to around 700 members each year.

For further information about St Andrews Youth Club, please visit: https://www.standrewsclub.com

The Oracle Cancer Research Trust

The Oracle Cancer Research Trust is the UK’s leading national charity dedicated to funding head and neck cancer research. Over the past ten years, Oracle Cancer Research Trust has conducted pioneering work and ground-breaking research programmes, investing over £5 million to discover new and improved treatments with fewer immediate and long-term side effects for those suffering from head and neck cancers. Without funding from private and corporate donations, recent large-scale trials would not have been possible as mainstream funding for head and neck cancer has declined to less than 2% in UK.

For further information about Oracle Cancer Research Trust, please visit: https://oraclecancertrust.org